IT Facilitator – Shubnum Nabbi

15 Nov

I come from a large Deaf family, and am the only one who has matriculated. Before I started school, my parents had taught me sign language and there was never an issue communicating with them and the rest of the family as it’s our first language. My Deaf uncle went to V. N. Naik School for the Deaf and he

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The Achiever, the Peacemaker and the Life of the Party

26 Sep

Vuyo Ntukwana’s Bio Hailing from a rural village in the trans-Kei River region of the Eastern Cape Province, I was born into this world in 1979. I am the rose amongst the thorns, being the second last born in a family of three sisters. My mother worked as a school teacher in the nearby Lusikisiki , and my father was

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