Adult Education & Training


eDeaf provides Adult Education & Training by Deaf trainers to Deaf learners through the Media Works computer based program in South African Sign Language.

This course comprises of 3 AET levels spanning across 6 months per level and is aimed at grade 8 to 11 school leavers. Each AET level contains 40 to 43 lessons.

Advantages of AET

1. Culturally relevant:

Our programs are locally developed, therefore the learner can internalise the subject matter more effectively as he/she can relate to the content.

2. Blended learning approach:

No candidate will complete the course and not have reached their full potential.

3. Interactive:

The interactive nature of the program ensures a higher concentration and retention rate. Studies by IBM have shown an improved retention rate of up to 70% in 50% of the time.

4. Self-Paced:

The learning process is self-paced, this allows fast trackers to achieve and not be held back, while slower learners can progress at a pace comfortable to them.

5. Technology:

Candidates are introduced to technology in a non-threatening manner. Learners enjoy the stimulation of a different medium of instruction and progress is measured by a sophisticated tracking system.

6. SAQA approved content:

Course content has been specifically written to the requirements of SAQA. It is of an improved nature, having evolved from five prior versions.

7. Guaranteed results:

We guarantee our results. To date, we have maintained a pass rate in excess of 90%.

8. Heads Up Program:

Specifically designed for Deaf adults, comprising the Dolce Word List is a list of frequently used words compiled by Edward William Dolch, PhD. The list contains 220 “service words” that have to be easily recognized in order to achieve reading fluency in the English language.

Course Title:

Adult Education & Training


3 Levels
(40-43 lessons per level)

Course Duration:

6 Months

SAQA Grading:

Umalusi Registered

Unit Standards:

12439-12441 for AET level 1
12445-12447 for AET level 2
12449, 12453, 12460 for AET level 3

AET has the added advantage of having a multiplication factor of 1.25 built-in for skills spend.

BBBEE benefits of AET

  • Target spend on disabled staff is 0,3% of annual payroll contributing 4 points if target achieved.
  • AET qualifies under the learnership element for Generic companies (companies with a turnover of more than R35 million contributing 6 points if 5 % of staff is on learner-ship.)
  • Employers gain points by training previously disadvantaged individuals and reflecting a training spend in excess of 2.5% of total payroll. This should be included on the WSP (Workplace Skills Plan) and ATR (Annual Training Report), along with the submission of their statutory annual EE (Employment Equity) Reports.

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