Nazreen Bhana Nominated for BBQ Award

29 Aug

We are thrilled to be attending the BBQ (Black Business Quarterly) Awards Ceremony later this year. This is an event that essentially searches for the most outstanding black businesses and leaders to honour them for their extraordinary achievements in job creation, fair labour practices, interest in their employees’ careers and overall management skills. We are even more thrilled to announce

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89km Cycle to attend class: Massimo Koopman

07 Dec

IT Facilitator – Shubnum Nabbi

15 Nov

I come from a large Deaf family, and am the only one who has matriculated. Before I started school, my parents had taught me sign language and there was never an issue communicating with them and the rest of the family as it’s our first language. My Deaf uncle went to V. N. Naik School for the Deaf and he

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Gugulethu Ndlovu: eDeaf Learner Testimonial

01 May

My name is Gugulethu Ndlovu, but everyone calls me Gugu. I am 31 years old and I was born deaf. I am currently an office assistant and have dreams of becoming so much more. Growing up communicating with my mother and sister was difficult. Our way of communicating was to point to things. They would point at what they wanted

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