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Know Your Rights and Duties

The rights of an employee are: Although these rights and duties may be decided and agreed by employers and employees, they have to be compliant with the law. The basic legal rights of an employee are: To work no more than 45 hours per week (9 hours a day or 8 if their working week is 6 or more days

What it Means to be a Manager

I recently had the time to read a book by Howard Behar called “It’s Not About the Coffee” – Lessons on Putting People First from a Life at Starbucks”. Behar makes a point about the dangers of any business simply being a seller of a commodity or a service. He states that for Starbucks to be successful in the long

Book Summary: Crucial Conversations

Authors:  Patterson. Grenny.  McMillan. Switzler We’ve all been there.  You are trying to have a rational (clear and calm) conversation about something important and suddenly, things turn sour (conversation turns bad).  Your conversation partner turns red in the face with anger and you feel like you can’t get a word in. You are also cross and eventually you both start

Challenges that arise should you fall pregnant during your learnership:

Like many young people around the world, the youth of South Africa have high hopes and dreams for their future. Many of these hopes and dreams though, do not include an unplanned pregnancy as a result of unprotected sex. It is important to note that falling pregnant is not “the end of the world”, but it may mean adjusting your

Decade of the Deaf

When eDeaf was established in 2007 the goal from both Nazreen Captieux-Bhana and Jesse Kotze was clear – How can we help Deaf people to Empower themselves? By Employing and Empowering the Deaf community through training and education, could we make a real difference and assist with employment that integrates the Deaf community into the very fabric of society? eDeaf