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Decade of the Deaf

When eDeaf was established in 2007 the goal from both Nazreen Captieux-Bhana and Jesse Kotze was clear – How can we help Deaf people to Empower themselves? By Employing and Empowering the Deaf community through training and education, could we make a real difference and assist with employment that integrates the Deaf community into the very fabric of society? eDeaf

10 ways to kick your own butt

“Many people start a new year with a New Years Resolution, which has been thought up at the very last minute … (often alcohol induced 😊) and it has no real thought or commitment and it might not necessarily be meaningful to them. Resolutions don’t usually work and are often forgotten in a matter of weeks. A resolution is only

eDeaf – Employing & Empowering Deaf South Africans

The MICT SETA in partnership with eDeaf, has pioneered a way forward for digital access and literacy for the Deaf community of South Africa. The pilot project, fully funded by the MICT SETA, launched in 2014, with an initial intake of 50 learners. The importance of receiving training in one’s own language was paramount.   eDeaf subsequently recruited a passionate, computer

Six Degrees of Separation

Looking at the concept of six degrees of separation (how all living things and everything else in the world are at most, only a maximum of six steps away from each other). As a concept, these six steps were originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy as early as 1929, but really gained traction and popularity in the 1990 play of the

Marketing Goals 2018

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